3-Day Restorative Retreat in Beautiful Vail, Colorado

Join us this October for an intimate three-day retreat to experience the restorative autumn season in Vail, Colorado. Rediscover your inner rhythms and reconnect with nature's seasonal cycles. Designed and led by nutritionist, health coach, and yoga instructor, Jolene Park, this empowering and interactive experience will help you nourish your nervous system through wellness, nature, and essential relaxation. 

Why You May Be Better off without Your Partner on a Yoga Retreat

We are constantly relating to our environment and surroundings as a means of understanding ourselves. We relate to our dogs, our friends, our bosses and especially our lovers as a way of seeing ourselves or adding greater meaning to our dynamic personalities. When we are relating to our boss, we may see the side of us that is anxious, hard-working and tenacious. When relating to our dog, we may see a side that is care-free and adventurous.