Boundless an Eco-Yoga Adventure with Roger Martin-Pressman

Working with Roger Pressman has been an eye opening experience into new ways to connect expand and evolve your yoga practice. Roger’s approach to yoga is highly refined spiritually and physically. As a lifelong athlete Roger has always had a passion for the potential of the body/mind/spirit connection. Recently we took the opportunity to find out more about this Denver Colorado resident’s yoga practice and love of helping others. 

Roger you mentioned you have always been an athlete, from soccer to personal training and now a yoga teacher.  How has this progression of athletic development helped you within your current and future practice?

I have always been interested in fitness, which manifested through my soccer practice.  The more I played the more I wanted to learn and explore the body.  Though I discovered yoga in high school, I studied Excersize Physiology in college, and this helped me to expand my knowledge of the human body.   As a personal trainer when I would do yoga I noticed it is when I felt the most connected.  So, what started in a gym moved to the yoga studio and now my path is something I try to follow with every step, constantly evolving into my fullest self.

When during your yoga practice did you decide to transition from student to yoga teacher?

My first Anusara yoga class was a profoundly transformative experience.  From that experience I have learned to take a deeper look at how yoga has evolved my life.  I feel that yoga has allowed for an authentic and consistent connection to a greater presence or sustaining source.  The yoga practice in general, focuses on allowing for a greater understanding of energies, this has helped me shift my perspective to know that I have everything I need inside me to move forward and manifest meaningful intentions. 

What inspires your personal yoga and meditation practice?

Right now and for the last year, my daughter has inspired my practice, but the intention that has consistently drawn me to practice is my desire to be a better person, to live fully and embrace the gifts I’ve been given.  Being a good father is a great excuse to practice fulfilling that intention.  Never before has an experience helped me so clearly prioritize everything and focus so intently on one thing.

How do you hope impact others by being a teacher? 

I hope that any class, session or even happenstance interaction I share with others brings a little more light and consciousness into the world.  I remain passionate about exploring the potential of the human body so I continue to practice within that the physical realm primarily, but my vision is to offer a more holistic connection to oneself, ones’ family and community and ones’ world around them.

How has travel influenced your life- personally, professionally, spiritually?

Traveling has shaped my life through rich and challenging experiences that have taught me how to survive and thrive with no lifeline.  Traveling is a huge part of who I am, what my practice is about, and is an aspect of life I would love to share with my students. 

Who has been one of your most influential teachers (living, dead, animal,)?

John Friend the creator of Anusara yoga and co-creator of Sridaiva has had an especially strong impact on who I am as a yoga teacher.  I have been privileged to experience John as a teacher for the past 10 yrs.  John is an anatomical genius and has a way of talking about the human body in both detailed and technical but also uniquely general and thus very accessible ways.

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