Caroline Naughton

Shamanic Astrologer

Caroline was first called to the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School after earning a degree in Archetypal Psychology from Northwestern University. She heard the call at the marker of the Spring Equinox in the southern hemisphere, as she was traversing the plush landscapes of Bali. It was then that she initiated into the musical mysteries of her own birth chart, contemplating the harmonies, chords, and discords of her nativity, conjuring metaphorical agility to write and rewrite her personal mythology. Now having practiced the tradition of Shamanic Astrology for over two years, she is devoted wholly and humbly in service to those, who, like her, want to distill and project the purest essence of themselves into a world that need know greater truth.

A psycho-astronaught seduced by the possibility of finding amusement in her sacred work, Caroline Naughton learns the rules of opposites thoroughly so that she may break them responsibly. She invites you to be an accomplice to her work, where you can spiral into new patterns of being and becoming astronaughty. The root "naught" derives from the idea of zero, or no-thing. The number zero's ability to know and experience itSelf as such depends on the appearance of opposites, of relatively positive and negative states of being. Being and becoming astronaughty is to live in a cosmic playground of paradox, where apparent opposites are apparently one and none. Everything and nothing. Both this and that, and yet neither this nor that. Zen.

Being astronaughty is to shapeshift and entertain every possible reality. To live in the space between, where magnetism is rampant and potential is abundant. Enter the playground of paradox. There are zero rules here, because zero is the one that rules here!

The mentorship, coaching, and guidance Caroline offers uses the mind to bust the mind. Weaving magic through starry stories, she leads you into the void where gravity no longer applies. All rules are meant to be broken by the truth. In your work together, you will dive deep into the collective unconscious: those complex energy clusters simmering inside each soul body waiting to be re-membered and re-cognized. Thus you'll revel in the wisdom endowment that has been released for you, through you. Although much of her archetypal content is transmitted through the lineage of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, her original and purest intention is to direct and reflect your own experience as you cultivate an intimate relationship to the archetypes by and for yourSelf.

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