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Connect with those places that you never imagined you could reach before. We provide unparalleled access to the people, place, and experience. Retreat with a select community of international wellness specialists and masters with unparalleled ability to share their gifts in an authentic and innovative way. But that is not enough..we believe that travel is the most powerful catalyst for change and transformation, especially when its curated with intention and authenticity! Life Force offers experiences in the most captivating, off the beaten path destinations where we have cracked the code to discover the best hidden secrets through our global network of radical local connections.

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Step into the unknown and challenge yourself. This is the real adventure and perhaps one of the most fundamental elements of change. Life Force experiences are not for the weak of heart but for the seekers and journeyers. Despite how appealing wellness travel may seem, we know how hard it to commit to an experience that will challenge you and even unearth vulnerabilities…AND we believe in the power of intention. Once you join us, the seed has been planted, your adventure begins, and it is a life long ride!

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Our connection to inner and outer nature, to ourselves and our surroundings, is a catalyst for wellbeing. Travel enables discovery, a fresh insight into the multitude of individual and collective dynamics we possess as humans. When we travel we have a new space, with new relationships, which means new ways of relating to ourselves and re-creating ourselves. This is the magic of wellness travel. And to make it even more magical, travel laced with intention and connection not only supports this experience of self- discovery but becomes the co-creative counterpart to your journey. Each and every individual you share your retreat with is a reinforcer, by purpose and default, of your becoming. This is the space in which we thrive, create and find our force!

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This is the part we leave up to you. Each and every experience is subjective. Every body shifts in their own unique way and perspective. LIFE FORCE is the means and not the end. We hope to be the inspiration not the solution. We hope to light the pilot of potentiality within you…so you can move forward in life and Find Your Force again and again.