Heart of the Sacred Valley, Peru

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re-energize your soul

Opening to a wider vision of the world helps us as individuals to come home to ourselves. Life Force is honored to present for the sixth year in a row this mystical and opening nine-day experience in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Our days are filled with explorations of the stunning Peruvian landscape, including famed Machu Picchu, heart-filled service work, ancient Shamanic ceremonies, and authentic Peruvian culinary and artistic experiences. All interwoven with an intentional deep practice; taking refuge in our own bodies, breath and intentions on the yoga mat.

A trip like this is not only mind-blowing, but inevitably heart opening. Immersing yourself in other cultures and the yogasana practice are about humility, which gives us passion, perspective and purpose and we become humble warriors.

Join us on this immersive journey to reconnect with your inner warrior and find inner peace and happiness within the sacred Peruvian mountains.


SLEEP ~ 8 nights at an eco-chic lodge 

YOGA ~ Daily asana yoga classes, meditation, breath work

EAT ~ 3 daily Andean inspired meals

SERVICE ~ Seva project with Ninos Del Sol                       

TREK ~ Trek to ancient ruins of Moray, Hike to sacred Mt. Chicon with local shaman guides, Explore the magical ruins of Machu Picchu

EXPERIENCE ~ Shamanic Sound Healing Journey, Welcome Despacho Ceremony, Traditional Shamanic Purification Ceremony, Live demonstration of artisan textile work, Train ride through the Andes to Machu Picchu

All ground transportation provided once you reach Cusco

May 23-31, 2020

Sacred Valley, Peru

$2450 Shared Room
$2850 Private Room
Deposit: $750

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the instructor

Devon Sweeney is a student of inner ritual and the art of relationship. She shares her art as a yogini and teacher of movement meditation. Devon’s yoga classes are delicately balanced experiences of rhythm and flow, subtle cueing and unique somatic patterning. In Devon’s teaching style, asanas are dynamic containers to explore the healing effect of breath and remember our essential guiding intelligence. She is a senior teacher and affiliate trainer for the Samudra Global School of Living Yoga with her teacher Shiva Rea. Over the last 10 years, Devon’s experiences teaching at a variety of festivals, trainings, retreats, and studio settings, have polished her unique ability to lead group practices with a graceful clarity. Devon lives and teaches regularly in Denver, Colorado. She is an E-RYT 500 with a background in Eastern Religious Studies, social & behavioral psychology, and integrative massage therapy.


the Children of Ninos del Sol

Niños del Sol is home to a lively family of 23 Peruvian children. These children came to Ninos del Sol alone in the world, orphaned or abandoned. Nearly all of them have been abused and arrived with trauma of some sort. Viviana and Avishai, the directors and caretakers of Ninos del Sol, are providing these orphans with home, family, education, organic food, love and a chance at a future.

Plan to work with the Ninos del Sol on a special, customized project based on the current needs of the organization. We plan to maximize our group resources and contribute with our hearts, hands and minds to improve the lives and opportunities for growth of this beautiful family.

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Machu Picchu

The Journey to Machu Picchu, one of the eight wonders of the world, is a life changing experience for all those who are fortunate enough to visit this lost city. Nestled between two sacred peaks, Wanu Picchu and Machu Picchu, these ancient Incan ruins are a fascinating and mystical treasure. Our journey to this sacred city will begin at sunrise with a 2 hour trek, where each step builds in anticipation as we draw closer to the gates of Machu Picchu. Once inside, we will honor this powerful vortex through ceremony, meditation and the simple experience of being.



Pago a la Tierra / Despacho

The Incans honor Pachamama or Madre Tierra (Mother Earth) as the divine protector and provider of life. This shamanic ritual invokes Madre Tierra to honor Her for all that She gives. It is a traditional ceremony of Gratitude and Personal Blessing.

Shamanic Journey

Experience alchemical transmutation, chakra alignment, the awakening of awareness and intuition and a greater sense of connection as we take a shamanic journey with our Peruvian guides.

Musical Shamanic Healing

We will gather for an evening of music and healing with Peruvian sound healers. This one of a kind experience is a deep meditative journey of healing and visions.

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sacred treks

Apu Chicon Hike

Apu Chicon is a sacred mountain that sits at the top of the Chicon River Valley. It is one of the tallest in the valley reaching nearly 16,000 feet. This spectacular display of nature is capped with glaciated peaks and underlying native Keuena Forest filled with ancient trees.

Moray & the Salt Mines

Visit one of Peru’s most well preserved ruins sitting on a high plateau of over 11,000 ft. This area is home to a highly sophisticated Incan agricultural system with stunning views of the Sacred Valley. From here we will hike on to the Mineras de Sal, a spectacular natural wonder. Our journey will take us along an age-old crossroad where time stands still and the scenery is epic. This passage is still the preferred route for local indigenous Quechua.


WELCOME TO Your Peruvian Home Away From Home

IFK Lodge Hotel is magically and mystically situated under the gaze and protection of the Pitusiray Mountain (Apu), on the banks of the Sacred River of the Inca - the Urubamba River - which runs through the entire valley, creating a unique micro climate.

 This central location incites our visitors to enjoy all the cultural, archaeological and natural attractions of one of the seven wonders of the world – the most impressive indeed! 

Rooms feature architecture in harmony with the Andean people’s own natural environment. Decoration and comfort details and objects have been carefully and arduously selected for guests. The rooms look out to farming fields where daily work is still performed as in the old days, while others are facing the river and the sacred mountains. 

The Restaurant is located on the banks of the Sacred Urubamba River, with views of the mountains. From your table, you can listen to the relaxing lull of the river and watch the imposing mountain that makes this restaurant a wonderfully romantic, spiritual and relaxing place. 

 Lush, green landscaped gardens stimulate meditation, observation and admiration of the environment. They are fitting for private and corporate events, and also ideal for cultural and mystical displays or expressions of Peruvian customs. 

local cuisine


Avishai (of Ninos del Sol) is an artisan chef and avid organic gardener and will be providing us with nourishing food at the retreat center. The meals are delicious & healthy (mostly organic, vegan and vegetarian) cuisine and include a mix of local Andean ingredients, with Peruvian and
Middle Eastern fusion.


Our retreat to Peru begins and ends in Cusco. Book your flight to Lima, the capital of Peru. The airport code is LIM. Depending on the arrival time of your international flight into Lima, (many are night flights from the U.S./Canada arriving in Lima late evening or early morning), you may have to spend the night in Lima (contact us for hotel options).

Take a domestic flight from Lima to Cusco. Allow at least 2-3 hours in between your international and domestic flights in case of delays.

Flight time from Lima to Cusco is one hour. It is recommended to book these domestic flights in the morning as weather is typically better and there is less chance of flight delay or cancellation. We will provide a shuttle for the group from Cusco to The Sacred Valley at  12 noon on arrival day.

Our newest service, Life Force Concierge, can support travel planning and coordination including flights, hotels and pre/post retreat travel wishes. You can email info@lifeforceproject.com or click on our Life Force Concierge logo below with any needs regarding this service.

A valid passport is required for all foreign visitors to Peru. An entry visa is not required for American or Canadian nationals. Please inquire with the nearest Peruvian consulate for entry requirements for other nationalities.

In preparation for your trip, please read our Travel Planning Guide for important tips and information.



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