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At first I was not entirely bought into doing yoga as my experiences in the past have not been great, but this was different and once I relaxed into it and the vibe, energy, groove and breathing my energy shifted and I relaxed into the experience. I realized that it’s not about getting it right, it’s about being present and letting go. I loved the group portion as I realized that we’re all one team and that we all truly support one another.
— Jesse, Prenatal Nurse at Centura Health
This retreat was life changing really ! It allowed me to figure out my priorities, regain my energy (physically and mentally), and reconsile with my emotions and my inner self. I woke up today to new resolutions and took immediate action to reduce stress in my life. The trainers (Life Force Team) were amazing with their guidance, care and activities.
— Elle Fersan, Director at the University of Southern California