What Others Are Saying

-Patrick Peru

-Thomas Cuba

-Annette Nicaragua

-Karen Nicaragua

-Sarah Nicaragua

"The nursing profession is both fulfilling and exhausting. So it's critical to figure out how to do self care. The retreat in Nicaragua made it very easy. The food was fresh, delicious and healthy. The yoga instructors were excellent. I learned how to surf! I appreciated having all the details and arrangements managed. It provided a pleasant sense of security. The retreat really allowed me to relax and recharge. I returned to my job with a fresh perspective and more energy. I'm so grateful to Life Force for the retreat."
"I truly feel sooooo grateful that everything lined up for me to go!  It was such a unique experience that could never be recreated again.  I loved the location, the food, and having such experienced and knowledgeable teachers (both John and  Sarah).  The packets of information were a great aid to the learning and getting an aloe plant to work with definitely heightened the experience.  Overall, I came back with a stronger connection to nature, myself, and the community around me.  I definitely felt like I was on a higher vibration :-)  Oh, and I love the air plant necklace!" 
"The entire weekend was inspiring and insightful. The retreat house was magnificent with beautiful views of the water, and a great layout to allow for group intimacy and separateness[if desired]. Jon was a compelling teacher who invited the group to embrace difficult concepts which he made accessible and understandable. He was always available for individual discussions if questions arose. I appreciated his passion and the depth of knowledge about the subject. The food was beautifully prepared and delicious. Paige, went out of her way to respond to each individual 's dietary needs and incorporate them into her menu. The attention to detail in that regard was extraordinary. The paddleboarding and kayaking made for a welcome break, and allowed members a great opportunity to metabolize the complex concepts they were integrating.The weekend flowed beautifully. It was restorative and uplifting."
"Kudos David!  The Ranch in Carbondale is beautiful, calming, and an amazing place to open your heart and feel alive.  From meditative hikes to group workshops, organic & local foods to soaking in the jacuzzi under the stars the Retreat left me feeling rejuvenated, aware, and with a higher understanding on bringing my aspirations and goals to fruition. David is a great soul and Life Force will certainly bring you one step closer towards enlightenment."
"On yoga retreat with Life Force, I was given the space and inspiration to free myself from any imposed or perceived limitations of myself. I was surrounded by boundless nature and souls that seek to manifest their truest and purest forms. In a sherbet sunset yoga session, with flocks of parrots flying over head, whilst climbing physical and metaphorical mountains, I found myself at the top, looking around me... in community of other truth seekers, filled with love.... I tapped into my own heart's desires and the fear, intimidation, paralysis, and insecurity I had felt in my daily routine floated away with the high mountain clouds... It cleared space in my mind's eye, in my spirit to dream the big dream that has always been inside of me. It grew and it spoke to me and I listened... the only difference is I now believe in it. I believe in myself and my decision making abilities, my capabilities and the true freedom of taking a leap of faith... a leap into the unknown that will show what I need to see. I don't want to live in fear anymore, I don't want my doubts to keep me stagnant. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am forever changed and forever grateful! Namaste!"