about Life Force

Life Force combines captivating global destinations with a team of the world's most beloved and innovative holistic experts, spiritual leaders, eco-adventure specialists, yoga teachers, cultural guides, and business game-changers to transform your experience of wellness, travel and life.

the founder

Welcome! My name is David Matthew Bernstein - Founder of Life Force.  
Thank you for visiting our site and for your interest in Life Force.


I  thank the universe every day for giving me the opportunity to transform my life in ways that continue to exceed my wildest expectations. I am not a guru, nutritionist, or yogi, but I am passionate about spirituality, wellness and yoga. What I am - what I have always been - is a communicator, a collaborator, a teacher. I am the guy who connects, who gets people excited, and who inspires. 

Time for Change

I did not always have my present sense of gratitude and wellbeing.  My life was headed in an unfulfilling direction.  As an ambitious, hardworking 20-something, I was seduced by the high-profile image, the dollar signs and the sexy lifestyle that came with my role in the finance profession. I became consumed by my work.  The concept of a healthy work/life balance was alien to me, and by my late 20’s, I was overweight, stressed out and absorbed by the empty promises of material success.

When the financial market crashed, it felt like I had lost everything. I lost my job, my wife, and my identity.  But something inside me knew that there had to be more - something greater - and these circumstances brought me to a moment in which I realized something had to change.

Inner-peace through travel

I began traveling extensively.  I found myself effortlessly connecting with the energy of this incredible planet; her forests, rivers, mountains, deserts, cities and seas. I cultivated my love for yoga and surfing along empty stretches of Costa Rican beach, found inner peace and spirituality deep within the Sacred Valley of Peru, and ignited my passion for exploration while trekking from the rainforest to the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada’s in Colombia.  I had nothing left to lose and everything to gain. My insatiable hunger for spirituality, peace and wellness drove me to keep on going – everyday growing stronger and sounder in body, mind and spirit. 

Central and South America drew me in like magnets. Somehow I knew I would blaze a new trail here; I would connect, expand and evolve. I was right.

A new connection to the Life Force

Through travel and experience, I began to feel connected to the Life Force - the universal energy that binds every human, animal, plant, wave, mountain and cloud. I discovered an inner-strength and peace that I had never truly known. I opened my heart to the many lessons of the universe.  I listened to the Life Force, and the world became a magical place full of possibility. It became a world that gives us exactly what we need, when we need it - a world that is always conspiring to support us.

My experiences transformed my life. Now, with a series of Life Force retreats, I am excited to pass this opportunity onto you!

With much love & gratitude,


our global team