Barbara Pomaro

Born and raised in Italy, at the young age of 20’s she starts to travel the world to follow her deep passion for exploration, willing to connect with nature and learn new languages and cultures. She discovered the underwater world and found herself completely fascinated and attracted by it. After many years of travelling and working as a dive instructor, she arrived in Costa Rica where she found a new connection, the love for yoga and body work. Here, at the Pavones Yoga Center, she completes her 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training where she currently goes to teach and assists to different programs. During this time she begin to practice Integrative Healing Yoga Therapy, a meditation practice from the Tibetan tradition combined with a hands-on body work session, where she learned to sit and be with the suffering of another being accepting the way we are and letting go breathing out peace. To continue her study on massage and body energy she traveled to Thailand where she completes her training on Traditional Thai Yoga massage. As a diving instructor she loves to spend time underwater to connect with nature, she believes that in diving, as in yoga, we learn to be in the present moment, we experience a sense of peace as we float silently, listening only to the sound of breath underwater. Barbara brings her lyrical Italian accent and a combination of sweetness and strength to all of her classes, she teaches inspired by her practice on Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.

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