Brady Wilson

Yogi Poet Dancer, Daredevil and Organic Farmer, Forager and Chef

Born and raised in Snowmass, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Brady was exposed from a very young age to the power and beauty of the natural world.  He learned from his family and alternative education programs, ways to live harmoniously and enjoyably amidst the harshness of the elements.  Through adolescence, Brady enjoyed a mildly famous career as a competitive aerialist snowboarder.  After receiving a bachelor’s degree at Fort Lewis College, he became a Certified Yoga Instructor at Durango’s premier yoga studio: Yoga Durango.  During his third year as an instructor, he was invited to be an assistant for an international Yoga Teacher Training program in Costa Rica at the Pavones Yoga Center, where he is currently completing his 500 hour certification. Among a variety of other activities, he is passionate about mushroom hunting, performance poetry, singing and dancing, and pretty much anything that involves being in the wilderness.  Warm and welcoming, with a keen sense of humor and a love for adventure, Brady will lift your spirits and your hearts with his infectiously enthusiastic and optimistic outlook on life.

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