How do you Connect, Expand
& Evolve with your Team?

Life Force's NEW Experiential Education Program will help you support your team in establishing an integrated sense of balance and wellbeing. Awaken to a renewed commitment to purpose, empowerment and creativity. With a proven track record of successful transformations since 2012.


We have enhanced people’s lives to be more: 

  • Authentic

  • Mindful

  • Engaged

  • Present

  • Productive

  • Refreshed

Each education program includes:

  • Mediation

  • Yoga

  • Eco-adventure

  • Bodywork

  • Creativity Techniques

  • Healing

  • Conscious Cooking

  • And more...

For inquires about how to start creating a positive impact on your team through Life Force please contact us at


"It allowed me to take a step back from my life, myself and the ongoing struggles we face daily. It gave us time to reflect, connect with others and refocus our energies and intentions."

"Yoga is a door to what I have been seeking. I know have a strong interest in exploring more types of meditation. Retreats are my jam! Already found another one for February."

"I experienced a fantastic journey on this trip. The yoga, activities and food were all well planned and everything fell into place gracefully. I am thankful and grateful to the New Year/New You family."

"A relaxing, bending experience. Exceeded my expectations. The food was amazing. david and crew were on top of our experience so it felt smooth and flowed very well."

"From the yoga to the food to the conversations, this experience has been inspirational and memorable for days. I'm honored to have been a part of this group and will carry these lessons with me back to Denver."