Sample Itinerary

Day 1

2:00 PM: Check-in at Casa Particular, enjoy complimentary snacks and drinks

6:30 PM: Opening/Welcome Circle with entire group

7:30: Dinner in Casa

Day 2

8:00 AM: Breakfast

9:30 AM: Morning Yoga Practice

11:00 AM: Visit to Callejon de Hamel guided by Elias, a specialist in Afro-Cuban religion.

Near the Capitol and Parque Central, this area is a live carnival with a mix of art, music and tradition. We will visit the studio of painter Salvador Gonzalez who has decorated the walls of the buildings with Afro-Cuban concepts. This day is rumba day, so we can all dance here in the alley!

1:30 PM: Lunch at Callejon de Hamel

3:00 PM: Two hour convertible adventure

6:30 PM: Evening Yoga & Meditation Practice

7:30 PM: Dinner at Restaurant SuMiramar

Day 3

8:00 AM: Breakfast

9:00 AM: Morning Yoga Practice

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM: Day trip! Walking tour around the Colonial Heritage in Havana, includes the four oldest plazas (squares), Bodeguita Del Medio, Floridita Bar

1:00 PM: Lunch in Havana

1:30 - 3:30 PM: Visit the statue of Jesus Christ - best view of the city!

4:00 PM: Salsa Dance Lesson (La Casa Del Sol)

7:30 PM: Dinner at Restaurant El Rejoneo

9:30 PM: Party time! Optional outing to practice new dance moves

Day 4

7:00 - 7:45 AM: Breakfast available

8:00 AM: Departure for Viñales

10:30 AM: Visit the hotel Los Jazmines to admire the view of the valley

10:45 AM: Visit a tobacco plantation to learn all about cigars from plant to product

1:00 PM: Lunch and Tour at Finca Ecológica *Retreat Highlight*

2:00 - 5:00 PM: Free Time. Horseback riding is available

6:30 PM: Gentle yoga/stretch on location before return to Havana

9:00 PM: Dinner at Restaurant Rio Mar

Day 5

8:00 AM: Breakfast

9:30 AM: Yoga

Open Day at the beach Santa Maria Playa

6:00 PM: Evening Yoga & Meditation at the beach

8:00 PM: Dinner at Chachacha  

9:30 PM: Visit Buena Vista Social Club

Day 6

8:00 AM: Breakfast

9:30 AM: Yoga

11:00 AM: Visit newly developed city areas and Jaimanitas, a fishermen's town transformed into a work of art by famous Cuban artists: José Fuster

1:00 PM: Lunch at Santy Seafood Restaurant - chef approved by Anthony Bourdain

Open Afternoon in walking district with outdoor music, book, and street art markets

5:30 PM: Evening Yoga & Meditation

7:00 PM: Dinner at Restaurant La Guarida

9:00 PM: 1830 Club - Optional nightlife outing

Day 7

8:00 AM: Breakfast

9:30 AM: Yoga

Open Morning

1:00 PM: Lunch at El Del Frente

Open Afternoon in the city

6:30 PM: Evening Yoga & Meditation

7:30 PM: Dinner out at Restaurant Los Naranjos*

9:00 PM: Visit FAC

Day 8

8:00 AM: Breakfast

9:30 AM: Closing Circle Morning Yoga/Meditation practice

Departures to Airport