Derek Cook

SHITT (Serious High Intensity Thoughtfulness Training)

I have always worked with my body in one way or another.  My hands my tools.  I’ve been a carpenter, an artist, and a sculptor.  I have desired to help, to teach and to heal those around me.  This path as a healer has given me the opportunity to use all these skills together in a well rounded approach to health and well being... I discovered my love of movement and the body after a childhood of health problems, weight issues, joint problems and other physical ailments played a large part in my young life.  After years of misunderstanding and mistreating my body I discovered the benefits of running and began to head down the path of physical health and wellness.  Running lead me to the gym which gave me the ability to begin my first version of a yoga practice.  This yogic workout opened my mind to the idea of yoga s a practice and over time, I found my own teachers who helped to guide me to the path of a healer, though even they did not know it then. In recent years, I have immersed myself in an understanding of the body and movement and cultivated an intuitive sense for healing.  I have discovered a badly hidden passion for teaching and guiding others.  I have chosen to answer a relentless call to help others.  I have been blessed enough to find many different outlets for this.  Budokon, Yoga and Thai Bodywork all act as tools to aid me in guiding others to health and well being, and to enable them to continue the work we begin on the mat. 

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