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Emilee Huff

Empathy pulls me in towards your body.  My life has been an ebb and flow of pushing the limits for being an excitable and curious human.  Hurting myself, Healing myself.  At the age of 11 I was told I gave a nice shoulder massage .. from that point forward, I never stopped using my elbow/ my hands/ my heart to guide me through exploring the elements of intentional and energetic touch.  I have a basic understanding of cells, bones, muscles, joints, organs, fluid circulating to provide and fluid circulating to expel.  I specialize in chronic pain, inflammation, scar tissue and alignment.  I believe in wholeness.  My personal life has shown me the importance of nutritious food, herbs, meditation, lengthening, expanding, purging, processing, awareness and acceptance.  I have come to the conclusion that my purpose is Truth and Love.  I moved from Massachusetts and stepped off a greyhound bus in Denver, Colorado alone at the age of 17 to pursue my career.  My journey isn’t over.  Will you walk with me a little ways?

  • -2000 Graduated from Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado
    (specializing in Structural Integration)   
  • -2001 Worked at Wild Oats in the Herbs, Supplements and Natural Body Care department and have had a continued personal interest in detoxing and sustaining vitality through Whole Foods and Herbs
  • -2012 Continued education in Lymphatic Drainage at the Colorado School of Healing Arts