Luz Helena

Yoga Instructor

Luz Helena has devoted her life to seeking truth and purpose. She has overcome countless challenges on her path of awakening, ripening her with compassion and a desire to support others on their journeys. She has taken big risks to follow her heart, developing great faith in herself and her inner guidance. In 2011, she experienced a spontaneous spiritual awakening in the deserts of Egypt and soon after left her job, husband and possessions to travel to Asia to find her highest purpose. She lived in Nepal and India for two years, immersing herself fully in the culture and teachings of the Yogic Arts under the guidance of a Nepalese Yoga Master. She than spent two years in Hawaii, beginning her own teaching career and connecting deeply with the spirit of the islands.

Luz Helena is an intuitive facilitator, tuning into the needs of the group, speaking from the heart, and creating safe spaces for others to open to their fullest potential. She utilizes the modalities of Kirtan, Yoga, group dialogue and connection with Nature to transmit her embodied wisdom and love.

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