Maria Camargo

Lover of life, Warrior of light, Teacher of Spiritual practices.  Sattva Yoga, Meditation, Reiki Master.

Maria Camargo, was born and raised in São Paulo, Brasil. At age of twenty-five Maria decided to live and surf on the Hawaiian Islands where she was introduced to yoga. Maria has learned to respect and admire the yoga traditions as well as its movement as a universal practice. She has been a devoted yoga practitioner since 2001, and since then she has studied worldwide. She is based on the Hawaiian islands and  has been island hopping between Maui & St Barths, where she teaches private and group classes. Maria trusts that yoga is a path of steady perseverance and enthusiasm. She also believes that the universe flows in zig-zag ways and we must have an open heart and mind to approach each practice as if it was our first encounter with yoga.

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