Jolene Park

Yoga Instructor, Nutritionist, & Health Coach

Jolene Park is a functional nutritionist, health coach and trauma informed yoga instructor. She founded her consulting company, Healthy Discoveries in 2001 and has worked as a corporate wellness consultant, speaker and workshop facilitator  since 2004. Jolene helps with high achieving business professionals to help them eliminate their cravings and reduce their anxiety by using real food, high quality nutrients and cutting edge mind/body techniques. 

Jolene is the co-host of “Editing Our Drinking & Our Lives Podcast” — an empowering conversation about breaking the stigma and shame around quitting drinking. She gave a TEDx talk about “Gray Area Drinking” and explains the importance of replenishing our neurotransmitters and nourishing our nervous systems in a comprehensive and consistent way, regardless of which vice or behavior you use in an attempt to regulate the anxiety on your body or discomfort in your life.

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