Alexis Marianes

Yoga Instructor

Alexis has always been extremely active, and she came to yoga after injuries forced her out of competitive sports.  The physical benefits of restorative yoga not only cured her injuries, but also slowly attenuated her anxious energy.  After moving to Indonesia in 2013, she tried chakra meditation, and it opened her mind to the power of a physical practice that incorporates a deeper spiritual understanding.  By 2016, her heart was hurting for loved ones who suffer from physical maladies, and she felt called to expand her knowledge of yoga to help them as yoga had helped her.  She obtained her teacher certification in Rishikesh, India, and she feels blessed to have had such an immersive yoga training experience that provides her the opportunity to help others. 

Now living in the jungles of Trinidad & Tobago, Alexis continues to teach yoga, expand her spiritual horizons, and continues exploring the deeper connections with the natural world.  

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