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Robbert Zoon
Reiki Master 

Robbert Zoon is a certified Reiki Master since 2003. He also practices meditation and yoga daily. Robbert was born in 1970 in Haarlem, the Netherlands. In 1999 he made a life changing decision. He said goodbye to his office job, stepped out of the daily rat race and spent four months traveling through India. Reiki and meditation really helped him to live a more balanced lifestyle and to work on his own meaningful projects. From 2005 to 2010 Robbert has been publishing positive and meaningful news. For three consecutive years he organized the National Good News Day in The Netherlands, an event in which more than 20 media participated each year. In 2012 Robbert started to use his knowledge and contacts as an eco-consultant offering companies good news. For the past ten years Robbert has been filling up his backpack to travel through Asia and Latin-America; the ultimate way to unwind and find new inspiration. More about Robbert at Rebalance with Robbert. 

Robbert loves to share his energy and personal experience. As a Libra he always pays attention to the balance in life. We live in a challenging time that could contribute to a positive shift in consciousness. More people are opening up to a meaningful and more balanced lifestyle now and Robbert is happy to contribute to that.