Sibyl Buck 



Sibyl Buck is a passionate teacher who's warm love for her students is palpable.  Teaching is Sibyl's third career, after stints as a high-fashion model in the '90's, and later as a touring bass player and back-up vocalist, which careers took her several times around the world. She brings the depth of her life experience to her teaching, which is rich in metaphor, insight and authenticity.  Sibyl has completed her first year of study in the Yoga Therapy Certificate program at Loyola Marymount University, and her offerings as a yoga teacher are devoted to health and well being.  Sibyl's influence from Annie Carpenter, Jasmine Leib, Jillian Pranksy and Maty Ezraty is evidenced by a style balanced between strength-building, alignment focused movement, and deeply meditative and relaxed stillness.  Sibyl is an anatomy and physiology enthusiast, which knowledge she shares during class, leading students to a deeper understanding of the why and how of yoga, and their own inner workings. Expect to find yourself propped up by pillows, blankets and blocks at least once, and to gain a better understanding of yourself from the outside in through both physically active and passive practice.

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