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Join us in a timeless destination, where gorgeous vineyard laden countrysides, rich Italian culture, and the magic of Mt. Etna will captivate your heart. We invite you to experience the indulgence of Sicily’s character and culture, from rural life to an exciting urban scene.

Appreciation for the simplicities of life are at the center of this beautiful region. It is the perfect location to relax, look inward, and treat yourself to delicious food, beautiful views, and empowering yoga. We will rest and restore in the tranquil vineyard countrysides and explore charming cities such as Taormina, unique in its Baroque architecture sourced from lava rock from the ever present (and often active) volcano, Mount Etna.

All meals, wellness, eco-adventure, and cultural adventures will be customized by our local hosts and integrate the magnetic energy of the island. 


SLEEP | 7 nights at beautiful, historical Sicilian Villa

YOGA | Daily asana yoga classes, meditation, breath work

EAT | 3 daily delicious Sicilian meals

ADVENTURE |Sicilian boat excursion, trek to Mt. Etna volcano, day trip to Taormina 

CULTURE |Food, wine, history


Villagrande, Sicily

$3150 Shared Room
$3650 Private Room
Deposit: $750

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the yoga: Eva Estlander

the yoga: Eva Estlander

As a yoga teacher, I combine the power of Vinyasa flow with the restorative energy in Yin. In a typical yoga class, you will feel the warmth of the flowing movement, and the strength in holding poses with integrity.  People say I have a gentle way of guiding your body in to proper alignment, and I always aim to work to meet each of my students individual needs. I believe that these two practices complement each other and are the perfect combination for a calm, balanced body, mind and spirit.

I believe that by practicing yoga and coming into alignment with your highest self, you will live a more fulfilling life and make choices from a more centered place. After all, life is all about choices.

I recently completed a training in NSR (Neuro Somatic Reprogramming), which is something I love to blend into my Yin classes. I have also studied Reiki healing, which is something I like to incorporate into my classes during Savasana.

trip leader:David Bernstein

trip leader:David Bernstein

I thank the universe every day for giving me the opportunity to transform my life in ways that continue to exceed my wildest expectations. I am not a guru, nutritionist, or yogi, but I am passionate about spirituality, wellness and yoga. What I am - what I have always been - is a communicator, a collaborator, a teacher. I am the guy who connects, who gets people excited, and who inspires. 

Local host:Alessandro Paollela

Local host:Alessandro Paollela

 An enthusiast of all the most delectable yet simple things in life, Alessandro has spent his life exploring the best kept secrets (and most obvious crowd pleasers) of his home land of Sicily. Born just steps from the Ionian Sea, Alessandro has always found solace on the water, whether its rowing along coast in his multi-generational, traditional Sicilian boat or exploring the boundless beaches of the island. Alessandro has traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Americas, and Asia,  always in search for the most "pure" natural and cultural experiences across continents. 


Morning: Energizing Yoga Flow:

Start each day with a yoga class to awaken the senses. Together we will breathe, salute the sun, and move as one though an energising vinyasa yoga flow. A perfect way to start the day through activating your energy channels, cleansing your body of toxins, rejuvenating the cells of your body and stimulating your nervous system.

Evening: Restorative Yin Yoga:

Balance the physical, or yang, practice with a gentle restorative yin class to unwind from the day. Find a sense of calm and balance. These slow and deep postures create an openness leaving you feeling relaxed and recharged. Great for relief from physical tension, improving flexibility and preparation for a perfect night’s rest.


The sea

Boat Excursion

Stunning views, beautiful beaches, and refreshing waters make a boat trip on the Ionian Sea an absolute must. We will explore the waters and coastlines that have contributed to the culture and way of life in this region for centuries while soaking up some sun and tapping into our inner explorer. 

Fish Market                                                            
The best way to understand the importance of seafood on the Sicilian table is to visit the fish market in Catania, which is as old as the ancient city itself.


Sicilian culture

Vineyard Tour

Can one go to Italy and not experience the tranquil vineyard countryside? While in Sicily we will enjoy an indulgent tour of a historic vineyard filled with tastings, history, and pure relaxation. We will learn the unique fragrances of some delicious local wines and gain an understanding of how the rich soils of this region and different techniques contribute to some of the best wines in all of Italy. 


Set high upon a hill overlooking the Ionian Sea, the ancient city of Taormina is a must visit. One can simply wander along charming cobblestone streets or enjoy an espresso and become whisked away to a romantic, dreamy Italian experience.


Crystal Sound Bowl Healing

The sound and vibrations emanating from the crystal singing bowls re-tune the listener's body, initially by opening, clearing, and re-balancing each of the 7 major chakas, plus the high heart. It has been scientifically established that each of these chakras or energy centers are associated with a musical note or vibrational frequency. When this is added to a restorative yoga class or similar class, the results are beautiful, transformational, and much more.

Mt. Etna Hike and Ceremony

The power and romance of mount Etna, at 3,323m (almost 10,902ft) the tallest active volcano in Europe, and undoubtedly the dominating feature of the eastern part of Sicily have attracted the attention of travellers, artists, poets and philosophers for centuries.



Our setting for this week long retreat will be in a beautifully rustic and historic villa on a farm;  the perfect space to pamper the senses and integrate into the Sicilian way of life. Expect to enjoy yoga classes, meals and an abundance of delightful outdoor spaces with sweeping vistas of the Ionian Sea and a backdrop of the magnificent Mt. Etna. Days will be filled with the fragrance of surrounding cherry and citrus trees, fresh mountain air and perhaps a strong Italian espresso.  
The property is ideally located for those who want to enjoy a quiet holiday in the countryside, while being only minutes away from the sea, the volcanic landscape of Mt. Etna and the opportunity to partake in more urban activities such as the Carnival of Acireale, the Ottobrata di Zafferana, the classic shows of Syracuse, and the Taormina Festival. 




Delicious cuisine

From cannoli to arancini, Sicilian food is world-famous, and we will take part in the freshest and best Sicily has to offer. Sicily’s cuisine represents a complex mish-mash of cultures. Plus, the island itself is incredibly fertile; produce grown on Sicily includes olives, oranges, lemons, eggplants, tomatoes, pistachios, almonds, grapes, and more—not to mention all of the seafood fished right off the coast. The result? A cuisine that’s fresh, varied, and absolutely delicious!




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Airport Transportation: Our pick up will be at the Catania International Airport in Sicily (CTA). Direct flights to CTA  on a handful of larger carriers such as United, Luftansa, Air Berlin, Air Italia and British Airways. The shuttle will depart from the airport at 3p.m. Should you arrive earlier or later than the set pick up time, please contact Life Force for additional transfer options.

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