Trisha McBride

Trisha is an intuitive and empathic teacher, honing and developing these specific skills for over two centuries. She understands the human body by connecting on a cellular and emotional level to others. This gives her an advantage to tune into her students specific needs. Trisha is a spiritualist by nature and a mystic at heart.
Trisha has been a belly dance instructor since 2003 and a full time yoga instructor since 2010, teaching under a thousand hour RYT certificate via Dana Baptiste’s In Body Academy, SLC, UT. She has dedicated her life to healing through what she calls “movement medicine,” the union of yoga, dance and fluid movement.  Using a strong understanding that we have the tools within our spirit to break open the proverbial cage and transform through the expression of movement.

An avid scholar of myth and philosophy, Trisha weaves myth and uses iconography within her teachings to connect students to a deeper and ancient part of themselves.  "Through this movement we heal ourselves and honor our teachers and ancestors."

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