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Discover and awaken your source of vitality and inspiration.
Transform your practice and invigorate your life by managing the circulation and direction of your creative powers. Submerge yourself in the ancient meditative subtleties of the winds inside of you, and incorporate new mindfulness and technique into your practice and everyday life.  Participating in the oldest interchange in the universe, we will commune and unify with our natural surroundings in a language much older than words. 


When: March 19-26, 2017

Destination: Playa Bonita, Colombia

7 Nights Accommodation in Beachside Bungalows
2x Daily Yoga Practice
3x Daily Locally inspired meals
Local Transfer from Santa Marta Regional Airport
Day excursion to Tayrona National Park
Adventure to sacred waterfalls
Soak and tube down tropical mountain river 

Cost: airfare not included

$1750 Shared Room
$1926 Private Room

Required Deposit: $500


Brady Wilson and Wendolyne Omaña:


Born and raised in Snowmass, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Brady was exposed from a very young age to the power and beauty of the natural world.  He learned from his family and alternative education programs, ways to live harmoniously and enjoyably amidst the harshness of the elements.  Through adolescence, Brady enjoyed a mildly famous career as a competitive aerialist snowboarder.  After receiving a bachelor’s degree at Fort Lewis College, he became a Certified Yoga Instructor at Durango’s premier yoga studio: Yoga Durango.  During his third year as an instructor, he was invited to be an assistant for an international Yoga Teacher Training program in Costa Rica at the Pavones Yoga Center, where he is currently completing his 500 hour certification. Among a variety of other activities, he is passionate about mushroom hunting, performance poetry, singing and dancing, and pretty much anything that involves being in the wilderness.  Warm and welcoming, with a keen sense of humor and a love for adventure, Brady will lift your spirits and your hearts with his infectiously enthusiastic and optimistic outlook on life.


Wendolyne Omaña, the granddaughter of a traditional Mexican 'granita', carries with her the teachings of her grandmother and of her ancestors and mentors from Austria, Spain, Mexico, South America, and the United states.  She has been led to the path of yoga through the lineage of Prana Vinyasa by her teacher Monica Mesa Dasi, a senior teacher, assistant and teacher trainer for Shiva Rea's Samudra Global School of Living Yoga.  In addition to her Prana Vinyasa certification, she has pursued other trainings over the past few years that have kept her in the path of service and healing. She recognizes the merit of chu'lel/prana, yoga asana, pranayama exercises, and the eight limbs as they pertain to both physical and mental well being. In November 2015 she co-created a unique offering in her community called "Yoga En Español"; operating from a belief that yoga is for all social classes and has no language barriers. Wendolyne, passionate about ancient wisdom, helps to bring the teachings of the sages to those who might not otherwise find themselves in the studio.  Currently, she serves as a family advocate for under-served populations, combines her time volunteering for human rights organizations and leads the group "Respira el Monento" (yoga for homeless) in Durango, CO.  She is thrilled to share her spirit and the transmissions of the elders with you through this opportunity with The Life Force Project. 



 Let go.  Receive.  While immersed in the natural oasis of coastal Colombia, we will partake in playful, flowing bi-lingual asana / prana vinyasa sessions each day.  Guided in both English and Spanish, we will cultivate a basic awareness of the five prana vayus, or “winds,” and identify how energy flows within ourselves.  Once “prana” or “chulel” is brought in, it is divided and directed into five different movements and areas inside of the body.  Each vayu has its own specific internal location, function, benefit and direction.  Experience and learn how to control this primordial life force energy that circulates through you! We move with the pulsation of the Universe to open up every energy center in our body and enjoy the bliss of being alive. We refine our body temples as vessels for the Divine to manifest. 

The Accommodations: Playa Bonita

Playa Bonita Eco Cabanas is a beautiful collection of sustainable and chic eco cabins gently nestled between miles of endless Caribbean coastline and lush, green mountains. Each one designed with local materials, private bathrooms, and a welcoming and comfortable tropical decor. Located directly on the beach with the towering Sierra Nevada Mountains to its back, Playa Bonita is the perfect place to harness the relaxing vibrations of the sea and the power of the mountains.


The Caribbean coast of Colombia and Tayrona National Park is one the most stunning coastlines in Latin America. This remote paradise is a remarkably virgin system of crystal clear rivers, turquoise beaches, abundant rainforest, and a roof of a billion stars to light up the Colombian sky at night. Tayrona is quickly becoming a hot spot destination among adventurers from all over the world. Experience its magic now. 


There are few places on earth in which one can experience the dramatic forces of nature like the Sierra Nevada. An enormous mountain chain that erupts to nearly 20k ft. just miles from the coastline, the Sierra Nevada are ranked by Science magazine and National Geographic as one of the most “irreplaceable places on Earth”, due to the region’s abundance of biodiversity and ecoystems.   The Sierra Nevada is also considered to be one the most powerful energic and spiritual regions in the Americas. Home to  four  indigenous groups (Koguis, Arhuacos, Wiwa, Kankuamo,) , the dramatic views of the entire Caribbean coast, the lush forests teaming with wildlife, and the sacred waterfalls and purifying pools will take you  to a place - physically, mentally and spiritually that you have never been.

Booking Your Flight 

Life Force Project can help you with booking information for the best travel and flight itineraries, hotels, restaurants, and activities during your stay in Colombia. For many travelers, Cartagena, Colombia is a convenient port of entry into Colombia with direct flights, vans, buses and taxis to Santa Marta. Whether you choose to begin your trip here or another port of entry such as Barranquilla, Bogota or Santa Marta, Life Force Project can help you with planning and details. For all the details and individual questions please email us at We will be sure to respond within 48 hours and supply all the information and guidance you need to make your journey exactly what you’re dreaming up.


A private shuttle service to the Playa Bonita Eco Cabanas will be included in your retreat package.   It will pick up from Santa Marta.  


Should you chose to begin your trip here, in one of the world's most stunning Spanish colonial port cities, you will find no shortness of romance, night life, history, and culture.     

For many of our guests travelling to Santa Marta, Colombia from the United States, direct flights to Cartagena from major US hubs such as Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, JFK New York City, and Houston, will be the easiest route to Santa Marta. From Cartagena, short and convenient flights on Avianca,VivaColombia, and LAN will be the ideal travel modality. Private vans, bus, and taxi are also great ways to see the gorgeous coastline and enjoy the ride from start to finish. For all the details and individual questions please email us at

In preparation for your trip, please read our Travel Planning Guide for important tips and information.