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Whether through friendship, business or romance we often seek fulfillment through outer relationships. We look to others to make us whole and happy, while the hub of wholeness lies within us waiting patiently to be known. Our yoga is to complete this journey and discover this wholeness as a reflection of true Self. Through asana and discussion, this yoga retreat will help you “return” to the wholeness you never really left. From here all outer relationships become totally fulfilling because they are seen through the lens of true Self.


When: To be Determined

Destination: Blue Osa, Costa Rica


7 Nights Private or Shared Accommodation
2 X Daily Yoga Practice
4 Farm-to-table fresh meals per day
Access to miles of a secluded jungle beach
Airport transfer from Puerto Jimenez airport to Blue Osa
Matapalo Rainforest Half Day Hiking Excursion


Cost: airfare not included

$1789 Triple Occupancy
$1986 Double Occupancy
$2369 Private Accommodations

Required Deposit: $950




Owner of Yoga Loft in Boulder, CO

Jeff discovered yoga in 1986 in his hometown of Gunnison, CO. "I remember walking out of my first class feeling as if I had taken my first full breath! I fell in love with the physical and spiritual intelligence of this practice." Jeff has a strong background in Iyengar Yoga which, along with Vinyasa flow, grounds his practice in functional alignment. He also has a deep appreciation for the reflective power of meditation which often finds its way into his classes. Jeff has found that with mindful application, yoga can heal almost anything.

Jeff holds two 200-hour teacher certifications and heads up Yoga Loft's Teacher Training with Steph Schwartz. As a trained Rolfer, he weaves structural elements into his classes that have practical "off the mat" applications in life. He has studied with a variety of Yoga teachers over the years. Jeff lives in Boulder, CO with his wife Lori and daughter Georgia.



Asana could be described as a series of “awkward situations” designed to pull us out of our center while simultaneously giving us the tools to return to center—and the love that abides there. 

Join Jeff Bailey on this remarkable journey we all share. Through asana study, group discussion and meditation, we’ll learn to repurpose all relationships the same we do our asana practice. We’ll learn to use them not to reinforce separation and lack, but to light the path to our shared inner wholeness—a place we never really left. This makes all relationships totally fulfilling. It is the practice of Yoga that joins.


Flow into one of Costa Rica’s most stunning private retreats Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica which National Geographic Magazine labeled “the most biologically intense place on Earth.”  Blue Osa is located near the world-renowned Corcovado National Park on the warm shores of the Golfo Dulce. While visiting our tropical eco-resort you are likely to spot some of Costa Rica’s shyest and most endangered rainforest inhabitants, including the red-backed squirrel monkey, scarlet macaws, harpy eagles, and maybe even a jaguar.  Explore new ways to refresh and balance your energy with a yogic journey of asana, pranayama and meditation. Luxuriate your days relaxing spa/pool side, walking Blue Osa’s private beach or adventuring into rainforests, mangroves and surf breaks, should you feel the urge.

At Blue Osa Yoga Retreat & Spa our mission is simple: To provide you with an unforgettable experience –– nourishing body, mind and spirit.

Let your focal point be the ocean. Imagine a cool ocean breeze across your face. Our yoga deck was designed to facilitate an immersive yoga experience: farm-to-table meals, first-class pampering, and beautiful eco-friendly accommodations. Our secluded beachfront property is located on Costa Rica’s biologically diverse Osa Peninsula. Here you will find coconut trees, colorful wildlife and crashing waves –– all guaranteed to provide a tranquil setting for letting go and living the pure life. Whether you’re looking for a tropical paradise to relax & renew, to delve deeper into your yoga practice, OR an exotic locale to embark on Travel-Channel-worthy adventures, we’ve got you covered.

Sustainability is in the foundation of every arch & beam of Blue Osa Yoga Retreat & Spa.

How is Blue Osa an Eco-Resort?

Built from the ground up with the guidance of local renewable energy company Poderco in 2009, Blue Osa’s buildings and the grounds themselves are green in design. We are a grid-neutral site that generates at least as much electricity as we consume in a year. The property is designed to use the least amount of power possible.

Being off-the-grid, Blue Osa is not dependent on any external power lines and sewage system. We are a self-sustainable micro-grid.

 We seek to leave the smallest carbon footprint as possible, services 30 guests and 20 staff at maximum capacity and uses about the same amount of energy that a US household of 4 people use per month.

For more information, visit our website.


We have a saying here in Costa Rica: Pura Vida. It means full life - and at Blue Osa, we aim to give our guests just that. Each of our private rooms and bungalows are uniquely designed to deliver on comfort, convenience and relaxation. Whether it's heightened ocean views, a serene garden setting or a spacious beachfront bungalow, at Blue Osa you'll find purpose-built, jungle-chic rooms that create the ideal setting for a tranquil, restorative retreat.

Additional Services and Activities

  • Spa Treatments including deep tissue, Thai massage, and acupuncture
  • Private Yoga Classes with Jeff
  • Surfing on beginner to advanced breaks
  • Cacao farm tours
  • Mangrove kayaking adventure
  • Tropical Rainforest hike


Perhaps one of the most well preserved natural environments on earth, Costa Rica is where life thrives.  Its diverse ecosystems flourish, its wildlife is abundant, and the beauty of nature is smiling back at you in every direction you look.  Costa Rica is home to an impressive variety of surf breaks, but beyond that, it is also teeming with rainforests of unimaginable colors, wild plants and animals, and delicious, healthy tropical cuisine. Melt into the tranquil harmony of the sounds, smells, sights, and tastes of a green, abundant paradise. 

The Osa Peninsula

Blue Osa is located about 8 miles south of Puerto Jimenez on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica which National Geographic Magazine labeled “the most biologically intense place on Earth.” We are nearest to the border of the world-renowned Corcovado National Park and on the warm shores of the Golfo Dulce. While visiting our tropical eco-resort you are likely to spot some of Costa Rica’s shyest and most endangered rainforest inhabitants, including the red-backed squirrel monkey, scarlet macaws, harpy eagles, and maybe even a jaguar.

Costa Rica is located on the Central American isthmus, it borders Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south. The Caribbean Sea is to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Costa Rica is slightly north of the equator, therefore the climate is tropical year round. Costa Rica was and continues to be a pioneer country in eco-tourism, drawing visitors to the extensive National Parks and protected areas across the country.


Upon your arrival into San Jose at Juan Santa Maria International Airport, you will need to make a connection that will bring you south down to the Osa Peninsula.

A private shuttle service to Blue Osa will be included in your retreat package. The shuttle will leave at 1:00 PM from the Puerto Jimenez airport on February 27th.   All the meet up details will be provided upon receipt of the initial trip deposit.  


A flight from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez takes approximately 45 minutes.
Blue Osa recommends Nature Air, the only airline in the entire world that has reduced their carbon footprint to zero (something which, as an Eco-Resort, we greatly admire, appreciate and endorse). Nature Air is a safe and customer-service oriented airline that services all of Costa Rica. Please click here to book your flight to Puerto Jimenez now.

You may also receive special customized service by emailing our colleagues at Nature directly. Please make sure you ask them for the special Blue Osa discount.
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Alternatively upon your arrival at Juan Santa Maria International Airport (SJO) in San Jose, you can fly Sansa Airlines to Puerto Jimenez. Click here to for more information.

Transport from to and from the Puerto Jimenez Airport to Blue Osa will be included in the retreat.

In preparation for your trip, please read our Travel Planning Guide for important tips and information.