Planet Space in ibiza

Journey with us for our inaugural retreat series around the world to experience a place of space. After years of guiding intrepid seekers through transformational travel experiences we have discovered that the greatest catalysts, memories and take aways arise during moments of pause. When time stops, and we exist in this moment only, anything is possible. The “space” we co-create becomes the most potent and inspirational landscape for change, innovation, and connection. 

Each journey with Planet Space Series is a co-curated experience. Led by a team of Life Force influencers and co-produced by our attendees.  No solutions. Just Process powered by creating space in various ways. Every day will integrate a collection of wellness technologies to arrive at a place of spaciousness. From sound treatments and shamanic ritual to breathwork and eco-adventure; the possibilities will be powerfully infinite.  Together as individuals and a collective we will learn how to lead with vision, passion, and purpose in the endeavors that are calling us. 

We hope that you enjoy the application process and we look forward to connecting with you on our inaugural trip in Ibiza or another offering.


SLEEP | 7 nights at beautiful luxury villa

YOGA | Morning and evening meditation, yoga and activations

EAT | Daily superfood breakfasts and brunches

Paella cooking class and dinner

Sunset dinner party at The Ashram

Traditional Spanish “Comida” lunch served at the Villa

EXPERIENCE | Shamanic Goddess ceremony at Es Vedra/ Puerta de Cielo

Beach Days at salinas, cala San Vincent, BeniRas, Ashra

Epic Sunset Drum Circle Party

Visiting the town of Santa Ines and Santa Gertrudis

Night out in Ibiza Town

Optional Sailing Day to Formentera

Optional Jeep Tour of Ibiza

August 24-31, 2019

Ibiza, Spain

$3599 Shared Room (4 left)
$3999 Private Room (2 left)
Deposit: $750

Contact a member of our team to learn more and submit an application for this experience.


True connection begins with a willingness to see beyond our preconceived notions of the external world and most importantly, of ourselves.  The Planet Space Series seeks to curate a safe space for genuine connection to flourish among like-minded super stars who are not only excelling at manifesting their creative expression but looking to push beyond perceived boundaries to amplify their lives. With the right conditions, just as in nature, all the elements for evolution come together. This is the dynamic of our group connection. This is what we hope will inspire new horizons of thought, feelings, actions and dreams.



This co-curated week will push your edges and invite you into a space of limitless possibility where your highest creative expression can emerge and thrive.

Each day will provide new opportunities to flow into a place of space through a variety of ancient and new age technologies, rituals and even experimental mediums. Together as individuals and a collective we will learn how to lead with vision, passion, and purpose in the endeavors that are calling us.


Ritual and ceremony invite the sacred into any action, object or even thought that we desire. Since the beginning of our time here on Earth, it has enabled a sharing that empowers us to flow, unfettered, under the influence of a collective guise. Our ceremonies will honor our connection to nature and the goddess of Ibiza, Tanit.


The tropical zodiac is a medicine wheel grounded in the four directions. By exploring our individual and collective zodiacs, we can recover our soul’s original intent and actively participate in its direction. Our practices will include exploration of archetypal consciousness and communion with the living sky.


The sound of silence may be the first primordial vibration of the universe. Our sense of space begins where the noise ends.  Sound sessions will include healing, movement and sunset soundscapes at our favorite beach parties.  


The unknown is where our greatest fears and accomplishments live. Flow into spaces, parts and places unknown. Movement practices will include kriya yoga, ecstatic dance and even sailing as a means of navigating our group flow.


Food and plants as means of transformation which begins before we even begin to ingest them. We will learn how to connect with food and plants as a medicine, cook together and experience the power of food to transform our mind-body. 


Breath is the fast lane to spaciousness. Always accessible and often times a quick and simple way to find your place of space. Various breathwork exercises will be practiced daily to support a balanced mind-body and your journey within.


Matheus Bertoni

Sattva Yoga, Meditation, Reiki

Marco Ardani

Sound & Silence

Laura Conde

yoga, medicinal plants, healing therapies

Caroline Naughton

Shamanic Astrology

David Bernstein

Life Force, Planet Space Founder

Flor Torres

Culture, Nature, Spirituality



Historically known as Europe’s favorite all-night party island, Ibiza in recent years has had a resurgence of healers, yogis, and nature seekers - creating an effortlessly luxurious destination for both relaxation and high energy fun. Often referred to as the “white island” Ibiza is home to dozens of beaches, coastlines of iconic cliffs, beautiful mountains and nature reserves.

Quaint villages dot the island, each embodying their own unique “Ibiza vibe.” From laid back wellness to high energy beach parties, there is something for everyone in this Spanish paradise.


We traversed the entire island of Ibiza to discover the Lotus House, an absolutely stunning yoga sanctuary overlooking the western coast of the island and the most energetically renowned area in Ibiza. This private property is the idyllic setting to restore, rejuvenate and create. Sitting high on a hillside, we will practice in an open air yoga shala, play in the infinity pool and enjoy the best Spanish/Mediterranean meals while enjoying our gorgeous ocean view verandas.

All rooms are newly renovated with a modern Spanish style decor and an undeniable touch of island charm.  Many have their own in-suite bathrooms and patios with ocean views.



Ibiza is a beautiful and eclectic mixture of world class sand. On any typical day you will find locals and visitors basking in the salty turquoise waters and lounging along small mediterranean style coves with a handful of sail boats moored not far from the shore.  If you are more of a sand lover, there will be plenty of time to relax on the long golden beaches; some quiet and tranquil, with others vibrating from the base of some of Europe’s best known beach clubs. All of them immaculately clean and refreshing in their own way.



Traveling to the interior of the island is like transporting back in time. The Catalan government has done an amazing job of preserving the historical towns of Ibiza, some of which are only a single block long.  Olive groves and vineyards line the windy one lane island roads, most of which conclude at a breath-taking coastal vista or a friendly neighborhood tapas bar.

Night Life

Ibiza is notorious for being a world class musical destination. From the super high end clubs and yacht parties to the epic sunset drum circles, there is something for every sound enthusiast.  We plan to experience a little bit of it all, including restful and quiet nights at the villa, and enjoying our favorite beach clubs, live instrumentation, sunset parties and optional late night VIP events.  


Every destination has a unique energetic signature.  We hope you can discover what Ibiza’s means to you while you’re here. Daily sunrise and sunset rituals along with a very special shamanic ceremony to honor the island goddess, Tanit, will provide you with the opportunity to connect to your inner and outer nature and experience the Ibizan  island vibes.





Delicious cuisine

Plan to eat well. Really well!  Spain is one of our favorite destinations for both traditional and contemporary cuisine. All our meals will be intentionally prepared to not only satisfy the taste buds and a capture the essence of the Mediterranean, but to honor this beautiful destination. All food will be locally sourced whenever possible, organic and comprised of whole foods.

Expect energizing breakfasts at the villa with fresh pressed juices, fruit and highlighted daily superfoods ingredients such as maca root,  cacao and coconut. Lunches may be enjoyed at some of Ibiza’s best beach side restaurants or the occasional “comida”, a long and elaborate lunch with wine, cheese, and all the Spanish delights. Seafood is abundant here and will be on the menu as well.


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Life Force will provide shuttle pick up and drop off airport service. Ibiza can be reached from the US with only one layover at most of Europe's major airports.

A valid passport is required for all foreign visitors to Spain. In preparation for your trip, please read our Travel Planning Guide for important tips and information.